Season Statistics

2012 Engine Hours: 48.0 hours
2012 Generator Hours: 1.9 hours
2012 Fuel Purchased: 224.2 gallons

March: every great boat deserves a tender

Here it is ... ZODIAC ZOOM 230: 7'7" length, 4'5" width, and 57 pounds, sans engine.

April: the bottom barrier coat done

The glossy black barrier and finish paint is on. I just wish the people doing the job had actually an idea how to paint and maintain the wet edge while using high gloss paint ... oh well ... live and learn. The boat still looks good ... :)

May/June: so, we splashed the boat ... finally!

Just in time for the July 1st/4th weekend and week. New bottom paint, fresh wax, new boat numbers ... ready for the splash!

Here she is just before towing her to a local ramp right on the island. It was my first launch from a trailer and I have to say ... it was much smoother, safer, and less stressful for me and for the boat than anything I experienced at the service marinas before.

A lot of work went into making her ready. Among other things ... new blowers and hoses, new battery trays, new fuel management system, improvements in fresh water systems, improvements in cockpit self-bailing (drainage), new under/above water light under swim platform, relocation of some third party installs and new or improved proper wiring. Plus 1001 fixes of the leaks ... but that is another topic.

Cleaned and improved engine room ... the way I like it! If interested ... some more photos showing before and after details are in the 2012-01 Before/After album ... :)

July: this is going to be "never ending story"

We had a couple of nice cruises in the week of the July 1st/4th. After that some more work ... boat and dock, including new mooring whips.

The water level is really low for this time of the year ... no wonder, only one real rain in last two and half months. The region started to look like a wasteland. Finally, a meaningful amount of rain came down on July 26, the day the picture above was taken.

August: three day cruise on US side

From Howe Island to Heart Island, Chippewa Bay, Dark Island, Clayton, Gananoque, and back to Howe Island. The weather was just perfect on Saturday, windy and rainy on Saturday, and fair on Monday. All considered, it was a nice extended weekend cruise ... the mixed weather did not bother me, actually it was exciting.

Welcome back to Canada …


September: extended cruise with family from Europe

From Howe Island to … Grenadier Island to … Brockville Harbor to … Cedar Island and … back home via Kingston. The cruise was supposed to last three days and two nights but we extended it by one day and one night. The water was really low but we all had good time … all, but the outdrive … ;)


End of October: Superstorm Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was a powerful tropical cyclone that devastated portions of the Caribbean and the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States during late October 2012, with lesser impacts in the Southeastern and Midwestern states and Eastern Canada. Below, Superstorm Sandy as was seen from space.


On October 29, around 8 pm Superstorm Sandy made a landfall near Brigantine, New Jersey … and moved over our heads later that night.


HMS Bounty Replica … gone!

US Coast Guard photo of the 1960 Bounty replica sinking during Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. She is gone, and two people went down with her on October 29th, 2012.


Tribute to Bounty: Images from Bounty