An appropriate warning ... the regular household extension cords are rated for 10A to 15A, the "special" household cords are rated for 20A, the marine shore cables are rated for 30A or 50A. Each rating has a different outlet/plug prong configuration for a reason.


Always use the appropriate cord/cable for the outlet prong configuration and you will sleep well. Having said that, there are "cheater" cables and "cheater" plugs called such for a reason. They convert prong configuration from one amp rating to another. When used, one needs to be very conscious of the limitations and consequences.


I do use "cheater" cable when boat is on trailer at home or in the marina for maintenance. My use of power is very deliberate and managed then. I never leave it ON by chance, and I never run a/c system, fridge, stove, microwave oven, etc when on cheater cable ... all individual 120V AC breakers are OFF but only those I need like battery charger and engine compartment heater, for example.

Can be done but very carefully.